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Tennis Equipment

Tennis is a ball game, which can be played by two people or even four. When played between two people it is called “singles” and when played by four people (two people in each team), it is called “doubles”. To hit the ball each player has a racquet (racket) and there is a net in between the two teams in the middle of the court. Tennis can be classified as an indoor as well as an outdoor game. It is one of the most popular games in the world and the players of this game are nothing less than celebrities. Their fan following can be a matter of envy for the cine stars as well. Tennis was initially played by the aristocrats and was called court tennis in the USA; in France it is called Jeu de Paume and in Australia it is called Royal Tennis. In Great Britain it was called Real Tennis and the modern Lawn Tennis is derived from the same.

The court plays a significant role in the whole game. It is rectangular in shape and it is divided into two equal halves by the net that lies in the middle of the court. The length varies with the number of players playing, for singles ‘it is thinner than in doubles. To be precise the court is 23.77 m long and 8.23 m wide for singles matches, and 10.97m wide for doubles matches. Additional space is provided for the players to access overrun balls.

Tennis courts are of three types:


Clay courts can be of two types:

-Red clay
-Green clay

Red clay courts are made of compressed brick particles and are covered with a layer of loose particles. This kind of court is common in Europe and South America. The French Open is played on a red clay court. The other kind is a green clay court, which is not very different from a red clay except for the fact that Har-Tru(C) or American Clay is used to make the underlying bed and then it is covered with red clay. Green clay courts are mostly found in the Eastern and Southern parts of United States.

Hard Courts are made of cement, plastic, asphalt and even concrete are an advantage for people who play speedy games and like to hit the ball hard. The US Open in played on a hardcourt surface and these are quite common in West America and California and the Australian Open is played on a Rebound Ace, which is a synthetic hardcourt. There lies a difference between the Rebound Ace and the ordinary hardcourt as they differ in the degree of hardness. Rebound ace is softer as a result of which when the ball bounces the first time its speed decreases. The speed and friction also depends on the materials that are used to prepare the top layer of the court.

Grass courts can be made of synthetic or natural grass and the bounce of the ball would be dependent on the quality of grass that the court has .Synthetic grass court is similar to Astro Turf that is used for football matches. Grass courts are expensive to maintain. The ball does not bounce well but takes on good pace. Grass courts are used in Wimbledon.

Tennis equipment is made by big brands and a lot of detailing is involved in the manufacturing. It has now become such a grand sport that everything associated with it also assumes a lot of importance.

Tennis Ball: A tennis ball can be yellow, green or white in color (colors approved by the USTA) and has fixed standards for size ,weight and deformation. These balls are made of pressurized rubber covered with high quality cloth, which is made of wool and nylon. These balls are kept under pressure of two atmospheres before initial use.
Tennis Ball Machine: This is practice equipment, which is used by the players to train themselves. It helps the players to practice the footwork and handle all kinds of shots that the opponent might use. These machines come in different models and are quite a help.
Tennis rackets (racquets): To play tennis the first things that are elementary are the racket and the ball. A racket in general has a handle and an oval frame, across which a network of strings is stretched. The size of a modern racket for an adult would be 27″ to 27.5″. Tennis is a power game and requires a lot of stamina and strength for only to hold the racket since handling such a heavy device becomes quite a challenge. When choosing a tennis racket the following things have to be kept in mind like the grip, the head size, length, flex, string tension, weight, and balance.
Bag: This is one of the most neglected but important accessories related to the game. Whenever a bag is brought, the space that is needed, the feature that would suit the best and the style that is required should all be kept in mind. Too small or too biog a bag can be equally useless. Price for a good quality bag varies from $50 to $60.
Tennis Apparel: Tennis apparel has gone through a metamorphosis as has done the perception of the game, wherein the former definitely contributes to the latter. Initially men played the game in long trousers and women wore long dresses and stockings whereas now tennis players are style icons and the apparels are designed by brands that have made it quite fashionable. Any fashion brand would have a different section for tennis apparel, one only has to go and choose the apparel one is comfortable in.
Tennis Shoes: When buying shoes for this game, one should go for a proper shoes. The shoes should be court specific, since its conformity and compatibility differs from one pair to the other. Shoes, like apparel, should also be comfortable and should ensure that the feet are protected. The toe area should have better protection than the other parts of the foot as a tennis player uses his toes for foreground grand strokes. Nowadays shoes come with special cushioning and moisture absorbing mechanism as well. Since the game requires a lot of sudden movements, shoes should support the feet and protect it to an extent.

All these and many more comprise the tennis gear, I hope this article gives an insight to the beginners as to what exactly is and requires.

Choose the Perfect Tennis Shoes

Stan enrolled his teenage son Jamey for a tennis class. The new coach handed them a list of mandatory sports gear for playing tennis. They spent a lot of time cruising through the mall and bought some new sportswear but fell short of time when they wished to buy tennis shoes. Upon reaching home, Stan went online and bought the best looking pair of tennis shoes for Jamey. The tennis class began. However, a week later, Jamey started complaining of severe foot pain and had to be taken to a podiatrist. Do you feel this problem could have been avoided? Yes, it could have been avoided. Read more to get some tips for choosing the perfect pair of tennis shoes.

For Getting Perfect Pair of Tennis Shoes

Expert podiatrist around the world unanimously say that tennis shoes will always differ from normal athletic shoes. Here is how you can get the perfect pair of tennis shoes.

Understand Foot Type
One of the first and foremost thing to do, is to understand the kind of feet that you have. There are people with either arched feet or flat feet. The shoe designs differ for both feet types. Ideally, flat feet are prone to more foot pain without proper heal support and therefore, shoes for flat feet need to be chosen with care.

Purchasing Time
The tissues in our feet tend to contract during the cooler night times and expand throughout the day on account of blood circulation and climatic heat. This expansion rises by approximately 10% during strenuous activities like running or playing tennis. Therefore, the best time to shop for tennis shoes is usually after you have finished playing tennis for the day or in late afternoons or evenings. This is the time when your feet will have expanded to their full limit.

Foot Sizes
This is again a crucial criterion for selection of perfect tennis shoes. What most of us do not realize is that our feet are dissimilar in size, length and width wise. In such a case, ask your podiatrist or shoe expert to measure your feet before you go out shoe shopping. Now look out for shoes that fit the larger foot perfectly. Often, this tends to be your perfect shoes size. You may also carry along your old comfortable pair of tennis shoes and socks to help you understand how well these new shoes fit you.

Nature of Game
One important factor that helps point out the best pair of tennis shoes is the nature of tennis court that you play on. There are separate shoe varieties to suit hard court players and clay court players.

Shoe Trials
It is recommended that you should try out tennis shoes in a standing position rather than a sitting position. This is because, our feet spread out when they take full body weight than when we are sitting. Also, these trials can be used to get an idea of comfort level offered by a pair of shoes in tennis foot positions like pivoting, cutting and on balls of feet. One should ideally walk or jog around the store to understand if the shoes are comfortable or not. There needs to be a minimum gap of 2 fingers between the tip of your longest toe (usually your big toe or hallux) and the inner edge of the shoe.

Material and Finishing Touches
It is essential that the materials used in making your shoes should be as airy as possible so as to let your foot breathe. You definitely don’t want your feet to feel stuffy and sweaty after a long game. Put in your hand inside the shoes and watch out for some rough inner edges and prominent seams that are likely to cause shoe bites. You definitely want to avoid nursing a bad shoe bite after spending so many dollars on new shoes! Look out for added features like foot pads and lighter shoe weight.

Players need to listen to their heart and especially their feet when finalizing their shoes. Judge the knowledge of sales personnel in shoe shops before you rely on their advice for purchasing new variety shoes. Always buy shoes with a shorter break-in time to ensure quicker foot comfort.

Make Your Tennis Shoes Slip-resistant

If you have been landing up head over heels on slippery surfaces, thanks to the footwear you possess, it is time you reevaluate your condition. Making your shoes slip-resistant is what this article is all about. Let’s take a quick look at the various ways in which you maybe able to escape from the embarrassment that you have been facing.
The last thing you would ever ask for is seeing yourself somersault when you are in the company of dignitaries who have been waiting for you in the conference room so that you may begin your presentation on potential business propositions. Imagine if this scenario takes place where you have landed up flat on the veneer flooring instead of the presentation dice. Well, thanks to you, here is a bunch of embarrassed souls in the room; you and your audience! Or wait a moment, is it thanks to you or is it your non slip-resistant shoes that are at fault? If you have an innate ability to fall and trip at every step, you are to be blamed; however, if this was an accident that has become a repeat telecast of sorts, it is courtesy the shoes you wear.
We are often negligent and pay very little attention to the kind of footwear we sport. Some are of the view that as far as the shoes protect our feet, they are perfectly all right. However, does the term ‘all right’ work in terms of choosing the right pair, especially when you are exposed to an environment that demands you to walk on slippery surfaces all day long? It is time that we switch to shoes that make us feel comfortable and give us the very precious peace of mind when we are walking. I am sure you will keep this in mind the next time you think of making a shoddy shoe buy. However, there are footgear available, that are extremely comfortable; it is just that they do not arm us enough to resist slipping over. It is when they are in great condition that you do not want to show them the sight of the door.
Tips to Make Your Shoes Skid-resistant
~ If you have a bad fall almost every time you sport a particular pair of shoes, try to stick two bandages – the adhesive ones, at the back of the anterior part of the shoe. Place them on the heel as well for an enhanced grip. This will prevent further falls. It is also a quick fix when you are running short of time and have no other option but to wear heels that are currently the most presentable ones available with you.

Non-slip soles
~ Another very interesting and long-lasting method to have you navigate safe and sound is to attach non-slip soles on the outsides of the shoe. Along with providing comfort and safety from slipping and skidding it also keeps the shoe soles from wearing out and keeping them in good condition for years together. One may obtain a pair of slip-resistant soles in $7 approximately. Not harsh on your wallet either!
~ If you have soles that are increasingly slippery, refusing to let you stay in place, you may become a bit art-y in nature and get your scissors to crisscross over the shoe soles. Do not go overboard and make it too deep so as to let your feet virtually have no soles at all! Just a few abrasions may do the trick for you.
~ If all this does not work, you may well try some beauty potions to make it finally do the trick. You may certainly blow some hairspray on the soles of the shoe. Do not wear the shoes instantly. Let them dry well.

Ankle strap for a pair of high-heeled sandals
~ Try to fix an ankle strap that helps you retain your balance while you are on a roll all over the place. Ankle straps can give you the required grip and lessen the chances of you falling.
~ Another option is to rub the bottom of your footwear with sandpaper. This may sound as though it may damage your shoes, however, it will not if you are sensible enough not to scrub the sandpaper on the tangible footwear material.
With these tips, you have understood how to make your shoes slip-resistant and you are sure to have navigated the place safely and cautiously. No more somersaults and no more stunts await you; besides, you don’t have to fall head over heels to show how dedicated you are towards your job